Gladwell Tiles

Our ‘Gladwell’ handmade tile designs are shown below. Our clients include architects and interior designers, galleries and many treasured private clients too. 

Gladwell Quartet Tile in Ganache
Gladwell Quartet Tile Dijon 
Gladwell Solo Tile in Opal Green
Gladwell Quartet Tile in Opal Green
Gladwell Quartet in Ganache.

In fields of texture and colour this beautiful design works with transparent glazes and is fast becoming one of our most popular designs.

Have you got a colour in mind that you would like us to develop? Contact the design office and discuss your bespoke requirements.


Gladwell Quartet in Dijon.

This is highly crazed & understates the pattern, and highlights the natural texture of the glaze itself.  

Gladwell Solo in Opal Green.

Here is the full ‘Gladwell’ design. Our high gloss Opal Green has a highly contemporary feel, but will appeal to those with more traditional tastes, ideal for fireplaces or hallways.

Gladwell Quartet in Opal Green.

A beautifully rich, glassy glaze.

We are always happy to work with clients to create unique colours tiles.